About us

Midfielder Global Trade

Midfielder Global Trade (MGT) aims to provide stocks building finishes at your convenience and demand. We serve subcontractors, general contractors, property managers, homeowners and government agencies to be mentioned.

Our focus lies in the advocacy of supplying our clients with only top-quality products and as well a cost-effective price. Our target market is gearing towards valuing good customers, contractors and fellow companies who aspire to achieve superior design and development of material finishes. In addition, we strictly adhere to environmental and architectural protocols.

We strive to be a brand of timeliness and punctuality which sets us apart from most of our competitors in the market. Our team is advanced and international, which has allowed us to move fast forward. In addition, in each project we put a great emphasis on working with well-trained team which is equipped with cutting edge and high-end materials to ensure the production of premium and polished craft.

Lastly, being one of the most reliable and successful sources of different building materials in Spain  Turkey  Iceland – and in the Netherlands, we aspire to establish more milestones in the industry.