Our Services

Our company focuses on providing only top-quality building materials for all sorts of housing and industrial projects where sustainability remains one of our focal points. Our aim is to offer our clients peace of mind by having quality products at a competitive price. For more information go to our products.

Experience and Reliability

Our clients can rely both on our experience and our products. We always select the highest quality products and manufacturers.


Our products can be easily adaptable for any situation, such as: Offices, educational facilities, residential houses, hospitals and much more.

Partners and clients globally

We have our offices located in different regions as well partners around the globe.

Our products

Flatpack containers

This is one of our most preferred products especially among large construction groups or even a base for housing. However, depending on the purpose of use, the standard containers can be made as single -two, three storey or even set up as multi-storey buildings.

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Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated constructions are mounted on ready-prepared concrete floor. The manufacturing period is short and the prefabricated houses are produced in required size and design.

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We have access to a great variety of top-quality cladding which some have insurance up to 10-15 years (CRETOX AND CHAPA), as well as fiber cement cladding. The cladding we offer is easily installed and, in most cases, only specific glue is needed. We recommend using CRETOX cladding which has a fire rating resistance of A1.

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Let’s grow together

Weather it is investing in a small project or a full housing project, in the end it is an important investment where the customer is expecting some growth or return. We take our project seriously where our clients are always our priority.
During the whole process of the project/s we set a high standard both for our work and make sure our material meets the regulations, certifications and EU standards.

Few of our main points we emphasize greatly on:

  • Quality work
  • Fire resistance
  • Certificated and quality materials
  • Safety and cleanliness on the construction site
  • Environmental aspects of the material
  • Sustainability
  • Competitive and economical price

‘’ Our houses only take few months and be ready before you know it however, people live in them for years’’