Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings have been on the market for some time and its benefits and feasibleness unfamiliar to many. Midfielder Global Trade (MGT) focuses on working with top engineers and architects who are able to meet the client’s requirements.

We do not only focus on residential housing but as well all other kinds of buildings such as health care facilities, hospitals, schools hence, both temporarily and permanent buildings. More importantly our houses meet all the European regulations and manufacturing requirements.

Prefabricated constructions are mounted on ready-prepared concrete floor. The manufacturing period is short and the prefabricated houses are produced in required size and design.

Furthermore, prefabricated buildings can be delivered with all installation necessary such as electrical, plumbing, windows, cladding etc (as requested). The materials used are mainly from Germany, Netherlands and Turkey and all of them have certifications (CE – TSE) that meet the EU standard both for materials and manufacturing ISO9001.

We put a great emphasis on sustainability thus, our houses are recyclable where the only object that is not recyclable is the concrete flooring.

Here are some of the reasons why MGT prefers to work with prefabricated light steel housing:

  • Cost efficient
  • Short building time
  • Sustainable architecture: At least 90% of our material is recyclable
  • High fire resistance (A1), the material we use does not melt and assists with extinguishing fire
  • Water absorption is lower than it would be in concrete buildings.
  • Strong and long-lasting materials that require less maintenance (Tested under extreme Icelandic weather conditions)
Some other reasons why MGT prefers to work with prefabricated light steel housing:

  • FIRST degree earthquake-resistant
  • Galvanized steel
  • Our houses have great insulation of 0,19 W/m2K where the standard is 0,35 W/m2K so we offer 100% better insulation option.
  • Energy efficient house: noise level (up to 64 db. between rooms), the usual standard is 55 db. If solar panels are requested on top of the roof it is also an option.
  • Easier to add/connect electricity and other appliances than if we were working with concrete or wood.
  • Cleaner construction site
  • 3 meters height to the ceiling (unless requested differently)
  • All calculations are done such as heating and statistic calculations depending on the climate conditions.

Interior design

If the client wishes to look into kitchen/bathroom or even floor design for their project we are able to provide that as well.

Outdoor design

We offer a great variety of cladding as well, for example, tiles, stone-panels, brick and wood panels to be mentioned. Our windows have standard triple K-glass (or else is requested).


We only transport with certified transportation companies and transportation is insured. Currently we lean more towards greener transportation which is via ship as that is usually the best option for larger projects and more sustainable. Hence, we work with transport companies that participate in a project called „Green and Lean“ in Europe. However, the choose of transportation depends on the product/project/wishes of the client thus, for further information please contact us.

Additional information

The houses are calculated depending on the location and climate. We put a lot of emphasis on working with architects and designers who very well familiar of each scenario and building regulations in that specific area. Moreover, it is possible to have newest air conditioner technology installed, also installing heat recovery system is one of Midfielder Global Trade goals. Lastly, a technology such as ‘’ SMART home ‘’ can be installed where you can have many aspects such as lighting, heating and humidity can be controlled with an app on your device.

If the clients wish to have a 3D image which displays both the inside and outside that is also possible.